Our logo mark Gabby comes to life on the menus of Gabardine. We say this a lot, but we like to think of brands as people, so while the person always remains the same, every time you meet the brand you should learn something new about them.
In our menu design, Gabby sits atop the right-hand column, proudly presenting Gabardine’s offerings. It’s not an exact replication of the logo, but still easily recognizable. The rest of the menu is inspired by Mediterranean cafés, with a sampling of neighborhood dishes that vary from light to hearty. Dessert Menus reinforce the light-hearted and casual ambiance of the decor, cuisine and waitstaff.
The nostalgic, silkscreened Grand Opening poster communicated the emphasis on the fun and hand-crafted qualities of Gabardine. The evening was a true success, as many Point Loma residents have become regulars at the neighborhood spot.