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    A cover illustration with description, commissioned by MY Business Magazine
This post’s artwork starts off with a cover piece for MyBusiness Magazine, a subscription publication by Hammock Inc. The art director contacted me after she viewed my ispot portfolio. The cover’s concept was to address the current economic crisis, specifically focusing on small business owner/main street America supporting the economy. The art director really wanted to show literally Main Street with shops, the street, people, etc. However, I was free to experiment outside of that concept as well My sketches were of broken piggy back being held together with "Main Street" tape, "Main Street" turning into a bar graph,  small business owners holding up the economy as represented by a "monopoly man" figure, and Uncle Sam being supported by a Main Street crutch. I liked this one. And yes, thats me as Uncle Sam.

So we all agreed that the Uncle Sam sketch was the most powerful. I also felt this would be the most comfortable within my vein of art as the others were a bit too light-hearted for a subject that I see as pretty serious. I was given the go-ahead with the only revision being to "tone down the crotch." Yipe.

I was really happy with how this one turned out, and the art director can be quoted as saying “I LOVE IT.” That was nice.

Enjoy the Day,