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Automotive Design

SPARTAN CAMARO - A few years back we started a collaboration with local car builder SRMOTORS to design and create unique automobiles of outstanding performance, looks and a more profoundly integrated experience. More than just modifying and restoring old classics, we approached and reinterpreted existing vehicles into modern classics, applying our own design perspective and passion for cars.

To respect and honor the source vehicle, we created a hybrid concept of form and function merging unique elements of a distinct classic with modern technology and aesthetics. The Spartan Camaro is our first endeavor based on Chevrolet’s second generation Camaro. 

More specifically a homage to the 76’ Camaro, the Spartan is our re-interpretation of the 70’s muscle contender. Following GM’s description for the Camaro as a “Vicious animal that eats Mustangs”, we created what we believe is a more emotional and aggressive design, yet elegant and refined, furthering the second gen’s original traits. With black gloss, matte and carbon fiber finishes the Spartan is portrayed as an antagonist with a darker and more mysterious vibe.

Integrating the Camaro’s fifth generation technology, the Spartan seats on a custom designed chasis with a body widened by 4 inches to improve its stance. A completely redesigned front and rear as well as interior and exterior components are among some the many elements that have been redesigned.