Business in Belarus Recipe Book
The Idea
The National Agency of Investment and Privatization is pleased to announce the publication of its new Business in Belarus: Recipe Book from the top managers of leading foreign investing companies operating in Belarus. 
In this book you can find true stories of twelve entrepreneurs who have grasped the opportunity for growth by setting up their own profitable businesses in Belarus. Being very busy people, entrepreneurs naturally spend almost all the time running their companies, but apparently they do a little cooking as well. In the book the businesspeople share with us recipes for their favorite Belarusian dishes that they have discovered and fallen in love with.
National cuisine, as well as traditional songs and dances, historical chronicles and national dress is part and parcel of the culture of any nation, which reflects its essential features, shapes national identity and distinguishes it from other nations.
The origins of Belarusian cuisine go back deep into the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was then that noble and royal cuisine was formed. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania had a lot of nobility; in some regions of Belarus they accounted for 20% of the total population. It was a huge number of people who adhered to a certain food culture.​​​​​​​
Food Photography
Even though that the book presents ancient recipes, we tried to present them as modern European dishes. While working on the book we discovered the forgotten flavor combinations that turned into surprisingly delicious meals.
Kliocki / Hramatka
Beetroot Soup / Berry Kulaha
Archas / Machanka with Lamb
Herrings with Beetroots and Potatoes / Pickled Cucumbers
​​​​​​​Tarkavanka / Krambambulia
Oatmeal Kisiel / Varenyky
The Book
Format: 180×230 mm, 64 pages, +12 perforated postcards. Textile cover stamped with golden and white foil and reflex blue silkography.
Here is a set of stamps which were created for the book. For each company was made special postage stamp with minimal profile illustration.
The business story spread.
And the recipe spread.
Perforated postcards sets with recipes placed in three central spreads. The stamp is already printed on a postcard.
On The Web
Digital version of book:
Here and further: — bi-langual website copy of book in belarusian and english versions.
BTS from 2 days photoshoot.
Idea Makers Ltd — Creative Concept
Zmicer Waynowski — Art Director
Vlad Ryzhikov — Project Manager
Elena Mikulchik — Belarusian cuisine expert
Natallia Shemchuk — Editor
Daria Vorobieva — Translation
Ihar Yukhnevich — Design and Graphics
Kanaplev+Leydik — Portrait Photography
Yulia Ivanova — Stylist
Rodion Kovenkin — Food Photographer
Igor Bobok — Food-stylist
Olga Vasilieva — Prop-stylist
Business in Belarus Recipe Book

Business in Belarus Recipe Book

In this book you can find true stories of twelve entrepreneurs who have grasped the opportunity for growth by setting up their own profitable bus Read More


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