I love incorporating Arabic in my designs, so I designed this logo for superstar Latifa which was used for the first time in the lyric videos I've made for her of the album "Fresh" published in the beginning of 2018 on her official YouTube channel, you can check them out at

Latisol is the name of the production company of Latifa, the design is her name in Arabic shaped as a rose and leaf...Because one of the meanings of Latifa in Arabic is delicate...Just like a rose 🌹 !

The variations of the logo are white for Latisol and royal blue to be used on white backgrounds.

For Latifa Foundation I used the same design in red and green, because charity foundations main purpose is to bring "life" to others.
I decided to base the design on the "Ha'a" from a previous design I made "And life goes on..." (و تستمر الحياة) which looks like a rose and I started building around it trying to keep the design as much as I can organic with natural curvy flow.
How to read the logo in case you can not see it!
Latifa Foundation Logo
Screen prints showing the logo of Latisol on some of the lyric videos I designed for Latifa
You can see the logo I designed in royal blue here on the background, the picture was taken on 14th of February 2018, when Latifa signed a contract with Tunisian Telecommunications company Tunisie Telecom, you can also see the logo on the contract it self carried by Latifa
A screen print of the teaser of Latifa's music video "Fresh", published on her official YouTube channel on 21st of February 2018 (Source: )
On the left the logo as it appears in the beggining of the music video of the song "Fresh" published on YouTube on 26th of February 2018, and on the right on the end credits.