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    Pick & Play
Pick 'n' Play

Look around your surroundings for items 
you can sacrifice for play.

Mix, twist, turn, stack, paste, build, sew,
find, plaid, join.

Go for it and create stories, installations 
or meaningful messages to take away.
This is a poster I made for my project,
There were 3 major difficulties I faced 
and they were all out of my comfort zone.

When I manually layout objects, 
something always looks out of place.

The considerations of mixing different 
materials together to form type that
looks presentable took quite a huge 
amount of brainpower.

My photography skills have always 
been a hit and miss as I do not know 
how to frame a scene nicely.

Still, I liked how it turned out and I felt 
I kind of achieved the effect I wanted!
Music by:
walk noisily (yokotsuka yuuya) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0