Create a Space-Themed Illustration
This class on Skillshare covers a range of easy to master skills, from cooking, to 3D rendering and digital painting.
Part 1 – The Pancake Moon

Learn to:
• make pancakes in your kitchen
• using Affinity Photo, turn your pancakes into texture and bump maps
• using Cheetah 3D, wrap the texture and bump maps around a sphere, and
• render your pancake moon.

We will be using Affinity Photo's 360 Live Editing to create equirectangular projection texture and bump maps, and Cheetah 3D to render the pancake moon.
Equirectangular Texture Map (above)
Equirectangular Bump Map (above)
Part 2 – Painting a Starry Nebula

Learn how to:
• use shapes to create stars and simple lens flares
• use the standard set of Affinity Photo brushes to paint star fields and a nebula
• composite your moon with your starry nebula, and
• fine tune the lighting of your moon.
Nebula & Moon
But wait there's more...
A planet mapped with a hand-painted water colour surface by Jessica Sanders (above)
Planet featuring an equirectangular mapped apple skin (above)
Introducing the The Creative Space Agency
This class is one of four space-themed classes developed collaboratively by a group of Skillshare teachers who banded together to form the Creative Space Agency.

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Create a Space-Themed Illustration

Create a Space-Themed Illustration

Now on Skillshare, learn to turn a pancake into a 3D moon and paint stars, star fields and a nebula