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Coca-Cola Mural 60"⚡️
Character Design
⚡ Psyop directors Kylie Matulick & Todd Mueller commissioned me & Golden Wolf to create, design & develop the three main characters for this rad Coca-Cola "Mural" commercial.
The multi-commercial campaign was conceptualized by Wieden + Kennedy and destined to be aired during the 2018 Winter Olympics.
✏️ The brief from Todd & Kylie was open; create 3 funky characters painted by three different graffiti artists, each with their unique style and for each a different flavor of Coke ( Classic, Zero & Life ).

The resulting characters draw inspiration from different graffiti techniques; Octopus Shawn is a brush-painted piece, Jessica the Cloud a spray-painted throw-up & Desmond a wheat-pasted poster. 

Here are some of my character designs;
🎥 Below, my characters placed in their natural urban habitat, on their quest for a delicious bottle of Coca-Cola...
📸 Here is also a really quick spray-painted throw-up test I did as texture reference for the Psyop production team, led by the lovely Visual Effects Magician, Miss Kim Stevenson. I love the raw, unrefined quality here.
🖍 And finally, some of the tags I wrote to comp into the commercial, with the names of everyone involved;
Gotta love these drippy ink mops & markers...
👊 Thank you to Psyop & everyone involved. This was a truly inspiring project to work on.
📃 Credits

Client: Coca-Cola
Creative Director: Hal Curtis, Erik Fahrenkopf
Art Director: James Moslander
Copywriter: Adam Tetreault
Sr. Integrated Producer: Chris Capretto
Group Planning Director: Henry Lambert
Group Comms Planning Director: Alex Barwick
Account Director: David Hughes
Account Supervisor: Heather Morba
Creative Manager: Amanda Claire
Designer: Greg Jacobson
Director of Film Craft Ben Grylewicz
Executive Creative Directors Eric Baldwin, Jason Bagley

Director: Kylie Matulick, Todd Mueller
Managing Director : Neysa Horsburgh
Head of Production: Drew Bourneuf
Executive Producer: Christine Schneider
Producer: Mei-Ling Wong 
Associate Producer: Jacob Markson
Designers: Paul Cayrol 
3D Lead: Pavel Pranevsky
2D Lead: Kim Stevenson
VFX Shoot Supervisor: Diego Vazquez
FX Artist: Liam Griffin
CG Generalist: Todd Kumpf, Caleb Ollivant
Rigger: Josh Sobel
Lighter: Isaac Irvin
3D Animator: Melik Malkasian
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan, Max Forward, Tory Sica
Compositor: Austin Brown, Krystal Chinn, Jonathan Iwata, Brinton Jaecks, Lane Jolly, Tingting Li, Brendan Smith, Danny Song, Laurence Parsons
Flame Artist: Amir Qureshi, Brandon Sanders, Sam Shiflett, Adam Flynn
Editor: Lance Pereira
Assistant Editor: Rob Cavedo

GOLDENWOLF (Coke Mural 2D Animation)
2D Animation Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Executive Producer: Dotti Senotti 
Head of Production: Tania Baptista
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Production Assistant: Ana Hoxha
Designers: Anthony Sekyere, Charles Bigeast, Nick Stoney, Ditte Wad
2D Art & Animation Director: Ewen Stenhouse
2D Animation Lead: Rory Byrne
2D Animators: Bishoy Gendi, Thomas Eide, Alain VuGaia, Lamiot Thea Glad, Tim Dillnut, Stephanie Mercier, Frankie Swan, Eliot Roucco-Trenouth, Inbal Breda, Reg Isaac, 
Compositor: Laurence Parsons, John Wilkinson, Matthieu Landour

POWERHOUSE (Zero, Life, Socials 2D Animation)
Studio Executives: Brad Graeber & Bruce Tinnin
2D Animation Director: Kellan Stover
2D Animation Technical Director: Adam Conarroe
2D Animators: Ed Booth, Robby Cook, Cindy Crowell, Jeff Freeman, Tyler Richlen, Patrick Stannard, Deanna Trudeau, Cassie Urban
Compositors: Ty Davis, Jude Murro

Music Arrangement: Robert Miller
Sound Design: Bill Chesley @ Henryboy
Mixer: Jeff Payne @ Eleven

Coca-Cola Mural 60"⚡️


Coca-Cola Mural 60"⚡️