Find yourself a mentor 

You have found a skill you want to pick up.

Sign up for a class or if you happen to know 
someone who is very skilled in that area, ask 
for their guidance. 
This is a poster I made for my project,
The skill I needed a mentor was Realism.
The closest I get with a pencil is drawing 
outlines and tracing.

Fariza, a fellow designer came to my aid.
She patiently mentored me step by step,
starting with the outline of the brain.

I looked at the references for brain and 
drew the outline. Soon after I had to define 
where my shadows were and moved on
to shading them in different tones.

First to shade the corners, then a slightly
lighter shade around then an even lighter
shade as a base and blend the areas 
outwards in strokes. The areas with lights
were erased out by erasers.

At every stage, I checked my progress with 
her often and soon it was done. To complete
it, I designed a header, prepared the 
silkscreen and printed the letterings onto the
paper and it looked rather brilliant! 

Music By:
u_mi (Senna) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0