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    Making a shabby basement in to a hotspot
Last year (august 2009) i got the oppertunity to change a dark shabby looking basement, in to a high fashion boutique. 
 I made some sketches, and got a card blance from the owner, to make it something beautiful! 
 In a short amount of time (one month) and with a realy small budget. I just start building. Because of the small budget i did al the painting and construction myself. Also i build the furniture. To give it a exclusive look, i clothe al the furniture and the desk with leatherette (Skai).
View of the basement where the store is located
View on the basement.
To promote the store i designed differend images around the Amsterdam pole. In stead of the tripple X on the pole, i made it X21. Images should be spray painted on walls around Amsterdam.
Ferdinand Bolstraat 145
1072 LH Amsterdam
 The Netherlands