Art Sculptures Installation campaign for Tencent Video
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We All Love Watching Tencent Video

As one of the most active video streaming platforms in China, Tencent Video offers high-definition and fluent video entertainment experience for over 540 million active mobile users every month.  Now, the brand seeks expansion through innovation.

We launched an installation art show in bustling Sanlitun, Beijing, creating a world in which even animals were crazy about Tencent Video. 
By peeping through a crevice, into a cave, or inside a broken egg, viewers observed a fascinating secret world. While a vivid anteater was creeping up on its prey and stretching its tongue, the ant in the cave, unaware of the predator, was still indulged in the movie on its phone. In the water, an octopus was holding a bucket of popcorn with one tentacle and a cellphone with another, enjoying Tencent Video with his frog friend, who did not even notice the mosquito bite. Inside a broken egg, the two heads of a tyrannosaurus were jostling for the only tablet. All these creatures holding smart phones and tablets were all deeply immersed in Tencent Video. Fun and bizarre, they brought joyful moments to the viewers. By attracting the crowds to stop by and take selfies with them, we conveyed the idea “We All Love to Watch Tencent Video” with a whimsical touch.

Over 100 million online and offline views in 3 days.
The exhibition has won over 700 million exposure on Weibo (twitter in China).
In a recent investigation, Tencent Video rated No.1 in most often mentioned video streaming platform.


腾讯视频,中国最大的在线视频媒体平台,许多人通过它的APP, 享受高清流畅的视频娱乐体验。腾讯视频希望全新的方式与消费者沟通,吸引更多的人加入观看视频的行列。



Client: Tencent Video
Creative:The Nine Shanghai
Credits -Founder and Chief Creative Officer: Jody Xiong. Art Director: Jody Xiong. Copy writers: Candy Chen, YiXiao Chen, Jun Cao. Designers: Jody Xiong, Lingwei Hong. Account Manager: Nancy Yang, Xin Yang. Production House: Gwantsi . Direc-tor: Jody Xiong. Photographer: Shanghai Faner Culture Communication