Project presentation

Branding (naming, logo, identity, packaging) for a new line of bath products.

1) Mood boards (the keywords given by the client were: Asian & Western, Clean, Pure, Onsen, Spa, Kampo medicine)

2) Inspiration for the patterns
1- Louis Vuitton is really popular in Japan. The brand’s target are young Japanese women between 20 and 30.
2- The products contain extracts of plants and minerals used in Kampo traditional Chinese medicine
3- They also contain extracts of onsen (Japanese Hot Spring) water.

3) Elements composing the patterns

4) Color scheme
Bright, colorful and inspired by Nature, Onsen and Kampo medicine.
Each color can be attributed to one specific fragrance.

5) Naming

6) Logo & monogram
7) Logo with color variations

8) Patterns

8) Label design

(Note: This project won the competition. Unfortunately, the brand was never created by the client.)