Fanta Board Game 2018

In mid 2017, we got a brief from Coca-Cola Vietnam for Coke, Fanta and Sprite Tet packaging or 2018 Lunar New Year edition.

Later on, we were awarded the Fanta and Sprite for the board game concept. The board game sets will hopefully inspire family members and friends have more laughs during Tet. And introducing a way to reuse the carton box instead of throw it away.

I got a chance to work with the team that made the 2017 Fanta & Sprite packaging. I think this is another wonderful project (and also a tough one) for us to pull-off.

Finally, we did it.

For some reasons, the Sprite packaging couldn't make it through. So this year, only Fanta box got board game printed on.

Agency: Cowan
Client: Coca-Cola
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen*
Designer: Vuong Nguyen*, Tan Nguyen, Truc 'Chu' Dinh
Copywriter: Tan Nguyen, Vuong Nguyen*
Lead production: Phat ‘Kei’ Nguyen
Illustrator: Duong Hoang, Tin Anh Huynh, Nghiem Nguyen
Assistant: Quy
Associate Account Director: Giang Nguyen

The instruction is in the bottom the box. up to 4 players.
You can help to reuse the box as a board game instead of throw it away as usual.

Meet the F.A.N.T.A gang.
Fatê, Fati, Fata, Fatô and Fatu, those funny, tiny guys will be represented players in the board game.

This is an open board game platform, so you can multiply more box to lengthen the play steps make it longer to play. And players also can add in or change the instruction inside the steps according to their own creativity.

Just add in more fun instructions.

Close-up at the illustrations crafted by illustrators of Tree Entertaiment team.
The illustrations are demonstrate activities of Vietnamese traditional Lunar New Year from the preparation to New Year Eve.

The original one is a bit different to the final version on the market. With more bizarre instructions in 'trap steps' 🤤. And we are all loved the Corgi at the top right corner.

Still keep the very first pictures of original version before the presentation day to Coca-Caola Vietnam.

🙌  Thanks for watching our work  🙌

Fanta Board Game 2018