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    An intelligent learning and living appliance control system
1. The Wish of Having An Intelligent Learning and Living Environment
In 2011, I was in a group of nine students from five majors at Beijing Jiaotong University to design and implement "Intelligent ME": an intelligent appliance system based on Kinect and RFID technology.
We tried to use low-cost devices to create "brains" for all kinds of devices, especially those can be controlled by electrical signals.
                                   A Poster of Intelligent ME
                          The Gesture Controlled User Interface
                              A Low Frequency RFID Reader
                  Connect Plugins with Serial Controlled Relay
Eventually, we created a concept-level system, but with several implementations such as guesture air-conditioner control, light control, hand TV control,  a body controlled robot and auto-music playing, when different people come in.
As the system engineer, I and two Industrial Engineering students gave a talk on 2011 Beijing CDIO Regional Conference, to 400 university professors and industy professionals.
2. At CDIO Conference
                                      Control Multiple Lights
        Music Selection, Volumn Control with Different Gestures
A robot implemented with grabbing objects, fire fighting, and controlled by body via Kinect
3. The Development Process
                                                 The Team
                           Product Presentation at Su Zhou, China
                                The night of System Integration
                                              The Transformer?