Website design and development commissioned by the Pulteney Dental Practice partnership in Bath, UK.

The dentists practice is situated near the historic and picturesque Pulteney Bridge in Bath.  The feeling at the time was that we should avoid any imagery of dentists chairs, waiting rooms or teeth as this will generally put people off, so instead we focused on the location using a set of 8 randomly displayed images I shot specifically for the website.

The colour scheme, once again had to avoid reds (blood, arrg!), yellows (no one likes yellow teeth) and blues/greens (almost every other dentist website uses these).  Instead I chose to propose a stark black and white design to draw focus onto the black and white image and content below while giving a clean, 'freshly brushed' feel.

The most important element, as with many websites is the contact information and location.  These are both links in the swept area of the header.

Staff photo galleries are so tough, luckily Martyn is also a very talented photographer.
This one turned out very well.
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