Herdade de Coelheiros is a wine estate located in Arraiolos (Alentejo, Portugal), a village best known for its famous handmade tapestries. 
Their basic cross stitch, that can be traced back to the 17th century, has adapted to several cultural influences overtime, from persian arabesques to portuguese late gothic motifs or even rococo inspiration.


The cultural and economical importance of this artisanal manufacturing industry has recently been inspiring contemporary approaches, trying to revitalize the language and give it new uses and meanings in the 21st century. The new identity and wine label collection for Herdade de Coelheiros is rooted both in the tradition and the ambition to update and resignify that heritage. Capturing the detail, rigour and versatility of this embroidery technique, a visual code system was created and used in the design of the labels. Individually, each one represents a particular wine, the fullness and body of each variety (Tapada de Coelheiros, Coelheiros, Coelheiros Vinha do Taco e Coelheiros Chardonnay) translated in the different drawings, the saturation of the colours and the density of the surfaces.Together, they reveal a unifying language, grounding Herdade de Coelheiros in its original territory, full of traditions and a rich material culture.