Photographer: Arthur Ribas
Twitter: @iam_artr     Instagram: @iam.artr
Arthur made a inspiring cyberpunk photoshoot and invited me to edit some of his pictures, the result made me super proud.

Photographer: Wes Siqueira
Twitter: @WSSYQ     Instagram: @WSSYQ     Behance: WSSYQ
The initial idea was trying to make a classic angel look, but an modern angel using elements from the original picture had a better result

Photographer: Luca Rassi
Twitter: @lucarassi      Instagram: @lucarassi     Behance: lucarassi
In this pic the model, Lua, holding her jacket, reminded me some sort of cape, so i tried this "medieval" look.

Photographer: Carol Menegatti
Twitter: @221bakrstreet     Instagram: @magicph0to_ 
Kepping it simple giving a little touch, a little context, but with the same vibe and feeling from the phothographer

Photographer: João Donoso
Twitter: @jwhaopedro      Instagram: @joao_donoso     Behance: joaodonoso6401
I used the film "chamomile" as inspiration to make this piece. Using another style again, this time almost 100% collage

Photographer: Estevan Landivar
Twitter: @stevouniverse     Instagram: @estev.n    
Estevan sent me a bunch of images so I could choose, and this challenge made me try a lot of things to achieve this result.

Photographer: Lua Santi
Twitter: @luajpg     Instagram: @luajpg     Behance: luajpgdesa5766
I got stuck on this onebut I love using natural stocks, so I tried saving this artblock with a lot of natural things. The result made me proud of myself, so i think this is one of my favorites.

Photographer: Marcella Di Santi
Twitter: @marcelladisanti     Instagram: @marcelladisanti     Behance: marcelladisanti
New style, new me! Mixing manipulation and collage to make something more"aesthetic".
DP. Volume 1

DP. Volume 1

Project created by fernando luis, featuring several phothographers. The objective is making a new look, a new context to each picture.