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    Chinese New Year project, concept based on Chinese New Year'S wishes.
Chinese New Year (Based on Chinese New Year's wishes concept)
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1.《大地回春》融雪之际就是春天的降临,也象征新的一年到来。此时的大地孕育出一片绿意盎然的春草。等待着接踵而来的春暖花开。<Here come the spring> - when the snow melt, the green start growing to embrace the spring. Its mean the new year is here for once again.
2. 《鸿运当头》红色,象征喜气,福气,好兆头。大年初一,人们都爱穿上红色衣服以沾喜气,祈望在这一年里能鸿(红)运当头!<Lucky Strike> - Red represent luck, happiness & phosphorus. This in the first day of Chinese New Year, everyone is wearing red to wish that luck will be with the whole year round. 
3.《大吉大利》橘子寓意吉祥,吉利。每家每户到各户拜年都会送上橘子以示吉祥如意,新年大吉大利!<Auspicious> - Mandarine orange - a gift that everyone will bring during Chinese New Year house visit, it's represent sending auspicious & good luck to the one who received it. 
4.《龙马精神》出处于”四朝忧国鬓如丝,龙马精神海鹤姿。”,这祝福语寓意着精神旺盛,精力充沛。<Vigorous Spirit> - "Hoary as he is after serving four emperors, he still looks like a dragon horse and stands like a crane." The lines are quoted from the Poem to Duke Pei of the Jin state by Li Ying of the Tang Dynasty. The phrase refers to vigorous spirit.
5.《年年有余》[年年有鱼]是“年年有余”的谐音,可谓传统吉祥祈福最具代表的语言之一,代表生活富足,每年都有多余的财富及食粮! <Abundance year after year> a wish for surplus and bountiful harvests every year.