Red Bull hero can

Red Bull has created a series of events of the Red Bull Pilvaker, which is still a huge success, in memory of the 1848 Hungarian War of Independence. At this event, the poems of famous Hungarian poets are performed in different musical styles.

In 2015, Red Bull invited me to design a unique illustration of this event for the Red Bull can.

Their request was to draw Sándor Petőfi with my own grotesque style with a getto bluster in his hand. Sándor Petofi's legndary poet was an iconic figure of this revolution.

This is a limited edition can.

I try to show the design process with the following images.

First I got a template I had to use for design. I had to include the figure and the text in the blue parallelograms. The text is quoted from a poem by Sándor Petőfi.

When I was done with the contour of the figure, filling the surfaces could begin. It's important that I could use a color just without transition. So the tones had to be resolved as you will see in the following pictures. Anyway, I love this style. :)
The agency was very cooperative in everything. They gave me a free hand at work. I loved working with them.

They asked for something in the end. On the left side of the figure I had to change the landscape to the urban environment. Here it is:
I worked on this illustration for about one week.
In this animation you can watch the sections of the work in few seconds.
Digital work with Wacom intuos pro.
Agency: __Kaestner & Partners__.