Visual:    Eduard Haiman, Vadim Smakhtin | MATHRIOSHKA
Sound:   Evgeniy Vashchenko [ V4W.ENKO | SOUNDDESIGN FFSPACE ]

The target of “Struct” was to create installation which could make immersive environment inside the space of public event dedicated to the opening of the office of an architectural company UNK Projects. It was planned to make this installation fully autonomic during the several hours as well as there was an idea to hold the public interested and immersed into the space of environment during the all period of time.

The main conception of the installation is to create the second alternative scale inside the internal space of the office. It was realized screen projection for this with the size of 18x4 meters and taken almost whole the length of the interior. The Animated surface was projected as the extension of the super-graphic situated on the facade of office`s building. The external graphic was created by Vladimir Garanin. The first one layer is the super-graphic onto the facade and another one layer is the real-time generative graphic inside the interior. The visual image and algorithmic sound of the whole structure are connected each other and are forming the whole organism.
Technically it is created 3 modules of the system. Each of them are transferring the information to each other via OSC. The first one module is based on the Grasshopper`s definition which is constructing the basic architecture of the geometry. The geometry is based on “voronoi” diagram. Another one module is the vvvv-patch which is generating visual-adopted part for the projection. The third one module is the custom application in Max/msp which is generating the sound based on parameters of the whole system as well as generating basic attractor points for the architecture inside the main definition in Grasshopper. In this case the movement of attractors is generated from the harmonic frequencies.
The information about the opening of cells of ‘voronoi’ is coming from VVVV. There is the generator of the events of the all scenes is there. Based on the fixed rhythm the parameters of several graphical layers and phases (such as intensity, size, brightness etc.) are changing. Graphical layers of VVVV are generated based on the information which is coming from Grasshopper and other generated parameters. Also there was created custom library to deal with particles. All selected parameters of VVVV are sent to the application of Max/msp for the influence to the process of generating sound composition. The coordinates of the cell points of voronoi are also sent from Grasshopper to Max/msp for the reason to form some generative layer of the sound`s background inside the whole sound composition.

Thereby all the modules are connected each other by the complicated multilayered relationships when each of them has influence to each other. By interweaving of parameters of the system the visual, sound and architectural embodiment of the system become to the physical world. During this process the system become to independent recursive mind based on the internal circulation of thoughts.