CGI - Ratures War - LookDev and Short BreakDown
CGI - Ratures War - LookDev
Personal work

The ground is basically a bunch of Substance Designer assets, driven by photogrammetry depth datas, and some extra details, which allowed me to generate a bunch of textures that kept a consistent look over the assets, to be abble to easily and quicly use snow footsteps to generate mud ones for instance, is pretty useful though. Thanks Allegorithmic for that !
3dsMax basic modeling, ZBrush to sculpt a mortar hole and finally a bit of Vray magic to create some nice shaders.

Barbed wire are basic assets I modeled with 3dsmax, final shapes made with Itoo RailClone,
Substance Designer, to create rust texture.

Tank original model comes from Turbosquid, I Imported it in ZBrush in order to sculpt the damages and add mud, then again Substance Designer to create the metal texture, and a Vray shader to mix it with rust.

Trunk is from Megascans library.

FXs were the challenging part, pure special effects are not what I do the best. I used PheonixFD here wich in my opinion has proven itself to be the most user friendly for this kind of simulations.

The ground mist is smoke and particles generated by a ground texture, pointed in the right direction by a wind force.
I then started creating several explosions using PFlown, rendered separatly to have rocks and debris flying over the scene.
The explosion is generated from a more simple PFlow  and also by a cylendrical mesh for the lateral blast.

Compositing and final Coloring done with After Effects.

Ratures is a personal short film currently in pre-production

Final Render and quick breakdown

Scene Layout

PhoenixFD Simulation

Some assets used in the scene

Ground and rust textures, created with Substance Designer

Thanks for watching !
CGI - Ratures War - LookDev and Short BreakDown

CGI - Ratures War - LookDev and Short BreakDown

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