Trident Group Website
After initial branding was complete we worked on incorporating this brand into multiple platforms including the company's new website. What you see above is the final concept view of the sites main page. With such sensitive topics, Drew wanted to make sure his wide range of clients all could understand his different services right away. I developed the idea to feature introductory snip-its to explain each department or step of the process. With these paragraphs the client is also immediately introduced to each departments icon which helps the client as they navigate through the site, and when working with Trident Group staff. The full site is content heavy, so the design was developed around organizing the content to be easily read and appealing.

You can view the full coded site at:

** This presentation was developed while at Color Design Innovations for client: Drew West / Trident Group. Other Creative minds on this project included Tom Manning, Mike Cruse, and Ryan Horn.