Samsung Vision LAB Ident

台灣三星首次以獨立 POP-UP Store 形式,集結人文 / 生活 / 創新科技,打造首間《SAMSUNG VISION LAB》品牌概念展館,透過與台灣各領域創新實踐者合作,創造充滿無限可能的實驗基地,提供一種嶄新的觀看方式。
白輻射將品牌CIS設計概念擴大延伸,擷取 Logotype Variation 組合作為動態影像敘事主軸,將四種觀看 (VISION) 方式具象化、重新詮釋,在品牌識別動畫中企圖強化並彰顯——不同生活樣態對應創新科技所激發出的想像空間,同時也表達觀看世界的多種角度。
Samsung Taiwan builds up its ever first Pop-Up Store “SAMSUNG VISION LAB” featuring arts, lifestyle, and innovative technology, and collaborates with different innovative practitioner in Taiwan to establish an experimental base offering a new perspective for the public.

Based on the brands’s CIS design, Whitelight Motion visualises Samsung’s logotype into four variations forming the storyline with the moving images. The figuration and re-interpretation of Samsung’s vision are reinforced with the video, linking different lifestyle with unique spaces inspired by the new technology and showing people the new perspectives to see the world.

_ 品牌概念展館現場 POP-UP Store 

_ 概念與風格設定 Concept Development & Styleframes

Logo 中央象徵著人們觀看的眼睛,從影像感知出發,鼓動人們在框架內大膽向四周碰撞,撞擊出色彩,鼓吹人們不斷尋求突破的觀點,逐漸撞出WILD的多種層次。透過視覺變形,將符號轉換成Samsung Galaxy 行動裝置與Gear 360全景式相機,三位一體的全新展演,從平面到立體、朝一方前進,最終突破框架。

The circle in the middle of the logo symbolises eyes, leading the audience to begin with the perception of images. It encourages people to give more tries within certain frames bravely and go beyond restrained viewpoints continuously, showing multiple layers of WILD-ness. The visual symbols are transformed into Samsung Galaxy series portable devices and Gear 360 panorama camera. This transformation from 2D to 3D presents eyes, Samsung Galaxy, and Gear 360 altogether, and moves in the same direction and finally breaks the rules.

▒ Credit  
品牌視覺設計|格式設計展策 InFormat Design Curating
動態影像統籌 | 白輻射影像 Whitelight Motion 

導演 Director:洪鈺堂 Rex Hon
創意 Concept:林妤恒 Yu-Heng Lin、黃三三 Brooke Huang
設計 Styleframe:黃三三 Brooke Huang、林妤恒 Yu-Heng Lin
動畫 Motion Design : 陳騏 Chi Chen、劉凱文 Kai-Wen Liu
剪接 Editing & 合成 Compositing : 洪鈺堂 Rex Hon
聲音製作 Music & Sound Design Production:紋聲音樂 WinSound Studio
音樂與聲音設計 Music & Sound Design:林孝親 Lin, Hsiao-Chin、林思妤 Lin, Szu-Yu
混音 Scoring Mixer:林孝親 Lin, Hsiao-Chin

Samsung Vision LAB Ident 三星概念店 | 品牌動態識別