Here the authors accepted a job to work on the Visual Design of promotional NIKE FOOTBALL Asia region, I get the job as the creator of Digital Imaging in the background players of the national soccer team in the country to endorse NIKE FOOTBALL such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, with a total of 19 Visual background.
The concept for the visual has been provided by NIKE FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL. Promotional NIKE for visual style has been going on for a long time overseas in mid-2012 to be exact, but for East Asia started when November to coincide with the football championship "AFF CUP" which begins in mid-November. In this promotion NIKE uses the slogan "MY TIME IS NOW" on any visual promotion, in accordance with the basic concept created by NIKE FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL. In this campaign the author gets a job in order to look harmonious country athlete with a background that represents the country.

The execution starts from the photographer photographing the model, and then entered the stage retouch for each player, after getting the stock model with a higher resolution, submitted to the stock models in a CD writer that the author makes digital imaging to every player background.
After getting inspiration and already understand the mood desired by NIKE INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL besides stock image has been fulfilled, then the work starts from countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore last. Work done in Adobe Photoshop CS 5 using Imac computer, all the files is done with a resolution of 16,000 px x 16,000 px or equivalent super highresh image, given the design results will be published and in print to many publications including Billboard and the Nike Store in the State each each.
In addition to the printed form NIKE also preparing the results for publication that was created in a virtual world such as social media and other online publications, following the work of the authors and the implementation of the application in facebook and publications fanspage role in each State.
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facebook campign at
2h+ Photography ask us ( VISIOUS STUDIO )  to execute graphic treatment for Nike football
new campaign My time is Now.

Photography: 2h+ ( heret pratisto )
Graphic treatment : Visious Studio
Digital Imaging : Sahal FIrdaus
Art Director of visious studio Rege Indrastudiaonto 
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