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    Blu Bathworks lifestyle images
'Blu Bathworks' Michael Gottschalk featured in Objekt Magazine, December 2012 issue:

"Although he has always been interested in architecture, his latestactivity was generated by frustration (to use his own words) – frustration because he could never find the bathroom -and sanitary-ware for his building projects that went with his vision.He explained: “...The baths and taps I wanted touse in my designs weren’t always certified for North America. Thestrict rules that apply here seemed to determine what I could andcouldn’t use. That was when I decided to take the bull by the horns.In 2009 I, with my business partner, decided to develop Blu Bathworks into a brand. It’s geared to modern European design, butcertified for North America. The rules here are so strict that ifsomething’s approved here it will be alright for the rest of theworld”, Michael told us.

He has now been working on this project for three years and in2012 opened a showroom in Vancouver, also moving there thatyear with his family. In fact ‘showroom’ does not do justice to theconcept: it is more of an interactive studio from which he plans toforge partnerships with designers, architects and property developers.

“I want to turn Blu Bathworks into a global brand. I’ve allowed myself five years to achieve that and we’re on the right track. Fortunately my business partner knows about brand development”, thearchitect said, and he went on: “It’s enjoyable work, developing abrand, even though it takes a lot of time and energy to understand exactly how all the links in the chain tie in together – from designing through to marketing of the product.”

In implementing his ideas he works closely with suppliers in Italy,Switzerland and Germany. “People who have a thorough understanding of the business and are enthusiastic enough to developnew products and investigate new forms”, as Michael Gottschalkput it.

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Text & photos by Hans Fonk