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    A House for Harry
A House for Harry
Picture book

Harry, a rather plump cat, wants to play tag with Vera, a playful butterfly. He follows her out of the window onto the roofs, but soon loses her and also his way home. Harry goes in search of a new house. He finds low houses (a centipede’s den), high houses (a branch that can’t bear his weight) and houses that are already occupied (a dog’s kennel). Finally he ends up in a terraced house (a rubbish bin), where all of the neighbours are also cats. They know where Vera is!
Starting A House for Harry I decided to do things differently this time. 
I toned down the colours, and paid more attention to structure, contrast and rhythm.
I also gave coincidence free reign, and searched for tactility and imperfections.
Of course control, stylisation and form where important in sketch phase, but once I starting painting I also started experimenting. 
It feels like a departure from my previous work, but I think it still looks like a 'Timmers' book.
I stumbled on new ways to use paint and this opens up new possibilities.
Exiting roads ahead! 
Just finished my new book.
More soon!

Thanks for watching! 
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