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    Bitwallet - iOS App for Crypto-currency World. We love Blockchain and new Technology.

We love Blockchain and new Technology.
This project is designed to show how simple a crypto-currency wallet, the exchange of money or the purchase of goods can be. And how independent we will be with you in the near future.

Development of the concept of a crypto-currency purse. A look into the future. Strippers with QR, drug dealers without.
The purpose of the project was to show how simple and convenient it could be to use a crypto-currency purse, buying goods for a digital currency, exchanging money, replenishing an account, maintaining statistics. And how independent we will be in the future.

In the future, when the fiat money (the currency that the government announced as a legal means of payment) will retire, the function of replenishing the wallet will not be needed. Your salary will start not coming to the bank account, but to the crypto-currency purse. In the future, when you need to pay for coffee in Starbucks, you can do it with a crypto app.

Peace for everyone✌️