The process before elections.
Illustrations was made for Meduza (Riga-based online newspaper and news aggregator). 
The article was about strange pre-election struggle. 

This story is about how one of the candidates decided to agitate people at the night when they are sleeping. 
He used loudspeakers on the cars.
In this story two candidates used the negative campaigning and spreading negative information about each other. 
They images became so bad. But they got so much pleasure from the process.
In this story, the political campaign manager offered to blow up the candidate's car in the order to increase his rating.
This story is about a candidate who called himself the King and behaved like a monarch. Finally he lost the election.
The scrolling finger danger.
These illustrations was made for Australian journal "Matters". 
The name of the article is "BBC x Internet Age Media: Changing Digital Behavior"
One woman, one rooster and the flowers.