I was commissioned by DISNEY / MARVEL to create an exclusive art piece for the launch of Black Panther for cinemas in London. 

The brief was open and so the title of my piece is called ILGELUNOT which in Maasai translates to ‘The Chosen Ones’. I also created custom typography for the names of the elders that was inspired by geometric tribal lines, shapes and strokes in order to give the entire project its own unique identity

This is the story of 3 blind elders of Maasai origin (originally from Kajiado) who were Black Panther’s most trusted advisors in the Kingdom of Wakanda. 

The three were rescued by King T’Chaka during World War 2 after having wandered the vast plains of North Africa for months in search of refuge. As nomads, they got to integrate, assimilate and learn from different cultures and tribes. Exposure to the metallic element Vibranium made them blind but also gave them extra ordinary abilities and insight.

Little is known about them till now…..

Client / Disney & Marvel
PR Agency / DDA Group
Account Manager / Katie Fieldman
Concept + Photography / Osborne Macharia
Props + Styling + Production / Kevo Abbra
Styling Assistant / Sylvia Owalla
Make Up Artist / Valary Mdeizi + Sinitta Akello
Hair Stylist / Richard Kinyua + Corrine Muthoni
Comic Universe Consultant / Paddy Mulweye
Photographer Assistants / Victor Ndalo + Jared Maina