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VFX Sports!

Motion Graphics
After Effects
Dive into the twisted world of VFX Sports. A collaboration with VFX Festival 2018 to create a bold, sport-inspired title sequence.

Title sequences can take themselves quite seriously at times. We decided to embrace fun and healthy competition for this year's event. The slick graphic sequence opens with simple animations that slowly become more engaging and exaggerated as the rules are forgotten.
Development and Branding

Animations in Cinema 4D, Maya and Houdini were pulled together, creating a cross disciplinary story of sporting moments.  Sport has a lot of visual identity and history across different disciplines, so a restrained palette created a team of red or blue, all competing in different shades of grey. The end result is diverse in its imagination and execution. 

Motion capture rigs were used for character work. Cinema 4D animations and sims were pushed through Maya for look development and rendering. All cloth work also created in Maya. All large scale scenes with large volumes of content were simulated in Houdini. Everything composited in After Effects.

Time is money! That's why we've created super short teasers, for your speedy viewing pleasure.​​​​​​​
Further credits

Made with MPC. 3D – Will Laban, Tom Carrick, Michael Marcheski, James McIver, Erik Northeade. 2D – Jessica Gaynor and Alexis Williams. Music and Sound by Zeligsound.

VFX Sports!