"That said, this series is intriguing and scary and certainly worth picking up—especially if you’re a horror fan. The artwork is very appropriate for the genre, and some of the scenes of hell are just terrifying. I have a feeling we’re just at the tip of the iceberg and that this series has so much more in store for us. So, if you’re into paranormal thrillers, and if you aren’t grossed-out from naked guys flopping-about, I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t pick up a copy of Morning Star."

LOGO design and SKETCHES

"Okay so if you aren’t familiar with Massimo Rosi then you really should be after all this is the second first issue I’m reviewing this week. So god, demons, the Vatican and a secret splinter group that’s been around for millennia all come together here to create something interesting, diverse and unique. With this second offering from Massimo I’m getting a better sense of his writing talents which are as unique and diverse as the books he writes. Though one thing remains the same the structure and flow of the book is strong and extremely well done.The opening page is what’s essential to getting the reader hooked into the story and with Paskal doing the interiors we certainly have that. It’s powerfully rendered so that we have the innate desire to learn more. Then to see some nameless man having a seizure and then getting the opportunity to see what he does while seeing him in his bed well it’s the kind of stuff that makes you scrunch your brow and wonder just what the hell is going on. Once again it’s extremely effective..."

COVER from issue 3
MORNING STAR is a unique agency financed by the Vatican to protect the human world and hunt supernatural creatures that use their paranormal powers for evil purposes. It is an organization base around the world that has existed from centuries, ever since the last of the Knights Templar disappeared. But over the years things have changed, the individuals within the Church funding the group have become less devoted to religion, and increasing skeptical to the cause of killing paranormal evil creatures. Which can have dire circumstances for the world. THIS ISSUE: "THE EATER OF WORLDS" - Inside the Arcadian mental hospital located in New Orleans, patient Trevor Reed begins suffering from night terrors, panic attacks from visions of nightmare creatures that will eat the whole world. Reed sees what is ready to awaken: the demon called Legion. Because of the desecration of one of his temples, Legion will arise and many elder creatures will join it to bring devastation on the human world. Immediately the four Morning Star's hunters look for Reed who was disappeared from the mental hospital, and talking with Reed's nurse they discover the truth about his night terrors.
In the vein of Hellboy

MORNING STAR is a Vatican-funded agency created to research and hunt malevolent paranormal creatures and phenomena.  Founded centuries ago by a group of Knights Templar.

Over the years the organization has begun taking magical creatures into their ranks to help them combat the evil forces that continually threaten the world. 

Among the members of Morning Star’s principal contingent in the United States are group leader Aaron Teller, a man with a sacred Irish pagan relic lodged in his heart; Big Jaws, a large man possessed by a Slavic demon in search of redemption; Max Laguard, a French alcoholic telepath; and the beautiful Olga Kandewsky, who can communicate with and travel to the realm of the dead.

The story begins when Trevor Reed, a patient at a New Orleans psychiatric hospital, who is plagued by terrible nightmares which awaken the demon Legion. The demon enchants and possesses Reed’s body, and then leads it far from America. Using Reed’s body, Legion begins to execute the steps of a ritual to open a portal to hell and bring the Eye of Malphas, an asteroid that will open a vortex linking Earth and hell, crashing down to Earth.

The members of Morning Star start to investigate immediately, but during the course of their mission they confront and Legion who succeeds in causing the asteroid to crash into New York City, turning it into a small scale hell on Earth.