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Industrial Design
iView Concept

The next step in monitors for professionals "the iView" the first screen with two distinctive characteristics: a double panoramic screen with a unique curvature accompanying the natural eye curvature and movement. Eliminate the use of two screens to achieve a larger work area. The use of dual screen, strategically put together side by side, originates areas where the visibility is hindered, not only by the proximity, but by the high perspective created by the curve-free plans, as well. With the iView you will get no undesired reflections, remarkably increased working flow and with the presence of all the commands and working plans in one big area, you can now drag them around or zoom them in or out, without any of the usual unnecessary physical interruptions or adjustments. Get  “another” view of you project.
The large double screen iView comprises in its back another practical innovation - an extra LCD - extremely useful for both colleges and assistants. It allows them to follow your work in progress, without any effort, which instantly increases the creative exchange. Other Characteristics: Image by bluetooth,  two web-cams, one at the front and another atthe back.

Concept year: 2/2007
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Nuno Teixeira