Carlo Vega Workshop:Metamorphosis

Two days within the month of October SCAD MOME worked closely with Carlo Vega and other MOME students to create short animations based on Carlo's Fear Fest style frames. Each of the 16 teams were given a style frame and 2 days to create an animation that would inject the audience with fear and disturbance. You can see  all of the teams' animations at:


Anthony Palcic II- Group leader, keyframing, collected the live film, and added effects to animation.

Jessica Wyatt- Worked on the creation and movement of the muscles and skull.

Sam Scott- Also helped with the movement and keyframing of muscles and skull.

Robert Morrison Jnr.- Creator of the blood drips and 3D.

Myself- Created and animated all bugs along with the insect swarm.
Process Work
Making the fly in Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema 4D
copyright Isabella Carapella