7th Enor Architecture Awards '17
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7th Enor Architecture Awards '17

The commission was to design the book of the VII Enor Architecture Awards to showcase the architectural characteristics of the projects awarded.
The main design idea was to achieve that the reader could follow the same steps that the jury took during the process of deliberation. Papers of different thickness were used in the search for rhythm and variation.
In the search of a resounding volume, we changed the usual hardback binding, using no headband and square. There is also a transverse work in edition, design and construction of the book with the aim of obtaining a coherent form.
The large extension of the book makes visible the spine of the book block, covered in black paper. The spine of the book really works as an alternate cover. Despite the number of pages, the low weight of the paper makes the book still easy to use; integrated endpapers reinforce the binding.

Publisher: Ascensores Enor S.L.
ISBN: 978-84-697-7273-7
Editor: Carlos Quintáns Eiras
Editorial coordination: Cibrán Rico López / Suso Vázquez Gómez
Texts: Santiago de Molina
Portuguese translation: Teresa Martins
Design & Layout: desescribir
Edition of drawings: Felipe Trillo
Photos: Luis Díaz Díaz
Printing: Agencia Gráfica
Binding: Legatoria
Typeface: FF Real
Paper stock: Munken Print 1.5 70 g. / Munken Print 1.8 115 g. / Bamberger Kaliko Standard