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    Disney Austin & Ally - Promo 01 Visit us at www.hippiehouse.tv
We were asked to deliver three 30 sec promos in about three weeks. We ended on a stop motion technique alluding to 'Dez' from Austin & Ally (Disney Channel Show), our promoted character that results to be an amateur but super-creative & weird videoclip director of Austin & Ally's songs. He always use papers, tapes, magazines to build his crazy videoclips. The wide color palette comes out from the A&A Show's art, were the sets are strongly colorful.

Visit us at www.hippiehouse.tv



Produced for Disney Channel Latam. / Client: Disney Channel Latam.

Idea & Concept: Disney Channel Latam.
Art & Motion direction: Ignacio Sandoval

Boards & Misc. Design: Luis Suarez, Ignacio Sandoval
Design & Animation: Luis Suarez
Post & Effects: Luis Suarez
Chroma: Marcos Montané

At Disney Latam.

Art Direction: Ariel Marciano
Producer: Carolina Tobal
Sr Producer: Federico Novello

Footage Edited and Sound Design provided by Disney Channel Latam.


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