Art Pokedex MX. Unova Edition
Multiple Owners
Coming to you live from Unova, the fifth collaborative project taking the original Unova dex and giving it some spice with a team of some amazing artist friends. please take a look on their work and share it to the world.
494 Victini by el Monkey King
Behance l Dribbble
495 Snivy by Tracy Rico
496 Servine by Mr Peaman
497 Serperior by Bluedile
498 Tepig by Pamsio
499 Pignite by Riisago
500 Emboar by MST
501 Oshawott by Andrei
502 Dewott by Diego Chacón
503 Samurott by David Uriel
504 Patrat by LS Kuroyami
505 Watchog by Oscar López
506 Lillipup by Dena Donalu
507 Herdier by Zars
508 Stoutland by Rayheart Napier