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    My Design Proposals for a Pattern Design competition of Leggings, for the online company Front Row Society
"Your Tribe vs Your Geometry"
Pattern design for Leggings
Design Competition
Front Row Society

The three proposals of pattern for the first Legging competition by Front Row Society.
They weren't chosen for the short list but I enjoyed the challenge.
A lot of the food of the world is based on cereals, coming in all sorts of shapes and forms.
Either a mom in an african tribe, crushing the cereals to prepare the meal for the family, either a kid opening his cereal box to prepare his breakfast.
Here is an hommage to the cereals: Cerealis!
Geometry is very present in everything, even in nature. Some tribes also use a lot of geometric elements in their graphic culture.
Here I associated the geometry to the fish scales, presenting to you the Tribe of The Sea, the mermaids!
I wanted to create a bigger-impact pattern, so I created a triangular grid based on the combination of a star and a Totem like structure. And just like that Tri(B)angular was born!