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    Illustration & Graphic Design.
SCHEME / The First Transmission
SCHEME is a network of creatives operating in the fields of modern electronic music, graphic design, visual art and interactive apps.

A record label concerned about the vinyl format. A visual label. A platform about forward-thinking and tradition. For technological craftsmen.

SCHEME /skiːm/ a secret or underhand plan; a plot. Explorations in sound and imagery.

SCH001 || Komatssu: El Poso Que Da El Tiempo
El Poso Que Da El Tiempo is the name of a double LP pressed on 180g vinyl with gatefold sleeves and individually numbered. 63min of epic and mind-blowing electronic music. 12 tracks of the most stunning IDM/Avant-techno/Experimental electronic music that can be found today. In the words of the artist: “El poso que da el tiempo” is the return of an intensive work over the past two years in which I have been reco rding and collecting different material. During the recording time I have used both analog and digital sources as well as field recordings. The different tracks of the album are influenced by all the music I’ve been listening over the past 20 years, in this way, my most notorious influences as the classic IDM, ambient, dub, avant techno…. are mixed with other like the glitch or industrial music. The album is conceived as a clash between the analog and digital sound, a battle between drones and rhythms that has been perpetuated over time and for which we only can obtain a final residue, a sediment, “The Residue Of The Time”.