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    This is a collection of finalized illustrations documenting, in part, the roller coaster month of July in my life.
July Illustrations
July was a rollercoaster, I don't know if it was good or bad yet, but I was able to spend time in the coffeeshop documenting some of these moments in my sketchbook. Here are some of the final renderings:
"poor boy, don't say you weren't warned (pt 1)"
"poor boy, don't say you weren't warned (pt 2)"
"boy with ghost (pt 1)"
"boy with ghost (pt 2)"
"pedal it out"
"childhood memories (pt 1)"
"en garde (pt 1)"
"en garde (pt 2)"
"head in the clouds"
"game over"
"dear heart, slow down"
"that's better"