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Paper, pencil, ink
70x50 cm

The threads of the tide unravel the nights and days.
No, you do not hear me as if
There is no more silence.
Do what you want only not to tear
Thin threads are almost invisible.
We were not in love with you.
Forgive me, I stopped wondering
flying lines of the deceased dance of lies.
But, anyway, you're with me. I'm confused and alive, I'm alive.

(My native city is Rostov-on-Don)
Paper, pencil, ink
50x70 cm

I've been waiting for you since I was born. With the disappearance of the last morning star, at the zenith of the sun and before the finishing ray. I continuously peer into the distance - beyond the horizon, beyond the reality of all existing and still not created in this world, in the beyond material illusions. I know one day you will see me among the billions of screaming phenomena of being. You will understand the true truth of my restraint and rigor. I wait for you, when you for the thousandth time prefer me to the fleeting beauty of a new brightness, eluding with the onset of the first twilight. My creator's hands were full of strength and hope. They endowed me with boundless energy and a will to live. And I patiently wait for you - able to realize the immensity. I am the brightest memory of your youth and the aspirations of all the future days. I believe in you - my Dear Spectator. Your picture. Your destiny, your Way
Paper, pencil, ink
70x50 cm

What is my most inspirational location, in my city?
Electric pole with wires in the form of a letter A on the next street. An unremarkable private sector with broken asphalt and rusty garages on the other side of the road. But this is my portal to my cosmos. If you knew how many questions were asked in the void and how many answers have never been received) But I want to believe that the stars that revolve above it are thoughts of hope. They feed on its electricity. And I know each of them in person) And when I start to forget who I am, I go back to him. And I hear the name
Thank you! :)