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Sometimes - 02 - 3D

Motion Graphics
After Effects
Sometimes, a Non-Everyday progress to perfection.

These short projects aim to study various softwares in order to generate different assets and fit them into my workflow, always trying to improve rendering and shaders quality.
All renders are made with Arnold in Cinema 4D, the format is due to Instagram.
Marvelous Designer assets
Houdini yarns, thanks to Entagma.
Marvelous Designer assets and testing details in cloth.
Reaction Diffusion made in Houdini.
Inflatable model and sim done in Marvelous, tree scanned.
Growth simulation done in Houdini, cloth done in Marvelous, scanned tree.
Simulation done in Realflow for Cinema 4D, rendered with Arnold.
Playing with hair module with scanned mushrooms from megascans, testing Arnold with this setup.
Using Entagma setup in combination with some chop in Houdini, testing what I've learned during ViFX school course.
Testing an Houdini setup to emit dynamic splines. And why not using that little guy so famous on Instagram? yeah, this is the last one of this second serie of tests. 
Sometimes - 02 - 3D

Sometimes - 02 - 3D

Tests done in Cinema 4d with assets from Houdini and Mavelous Designer, all rendered with Arnold.