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    Photojournalism: Corsica
After readingNapoleon Bonaparte biography,
I was tempted to see the place where this greatemperor was born.
I wasn't that impressed by its capital Ajaccio and Napoleon's home (it had gonethrough many
restorations and it didn't feel like his house),
but I definitely fell for the nature of this amazing region and that's when Iunderstood
why Corsica is know as the beautyisland.

Corsica is located south of French Riviera and above Sardinia.
It's the fourthlargest island in the Mediterranean Sea and since 1768 is part of the Frenchterritory
(before it belonged to Italy).

Corsica was formed through volcanic explosions, and is the most mountainousisland in the Mediterranean. There are over 200 beaches surrounded by turquoisewater, but the best partof Corsica is when you reach Bonifacio and get the breathtaking views of thecliffs, then grab a boat and head
to the amazing small islands surrounding thearea.
Inland you canadmire Corte's fortress presiding over a tiny warren of cobbled alley. This iswhere Pascal Paoli established a democratic parliament during the island'sbrief period of independence between 1755 y 1768.

No wonder why the French wanted to conquerthis wonderful island.
Corsicans are friendlier than Parisians and theircooking is another miracle of this wonderful island.

Definitely put this place on your top five places to visit!! The isle of beautycertainly lives up to its name!

Hope you enjoy my photographs!