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Taliq and Persephone Collection

Taliq Collection

Taliq refers to the uncertainty and compulsive aimlessness situations resulting from the conditions in which the basis of every foundation is considered absurd, unstable and doomed.
Octopus is the repeated element in this collection. Different DNA and specific behaviors, originated the theory of extraterrestrial life and their alienation. Exiled and forced to live and repeat the situation with the lack of belonging to their compulsory living place, like human destiny. Intelligent creatures, that amnesia makes them native.

Color palette and backgrounds
The same amount of blue and red pigment made an unstable color between warm and cold hues, and a slight change impacts the entire attribute of the color. Thus, purple and violet tones have a critical presence in this collection. Furthermore, most layouts include solid backgrounds regarding the concept's placelessness and timelessness.

Persephone, Goddess of death 
Persephone's kidnapped by Hades and taken to the underworld by force; she doesn't belong to the world of Hades, but forgetting where she came from, adapted her to the underworld and changed her into the goddess of death.
Taliq and Persephone Collection

Taliq and Persephone Collection

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