Raising the Bar for Law Firm Websites
Creating an Accessible, Adaptive Site for a Chicagoland Law Firm

Conniff Law Offices approached me to redesign their entire web presence and overall brand and establish a unique, emphathetic online identity that emphasized their compassion and expertise in family law.

The design features a fully-responsive (automatically adaptive to screen size, down to mobile) grid-based custom Wordpress theme. Wordpress handles the blog database and provides the ability to add or edit any other page on the site. In addition, the Practice Areas page utilizes the Isotope.js script to provide a unique experience when navigating Conniff's various services. 
The connifflaw.com homepage redesign accomplished a number of client objectives and featured the blog, custom photography, and a clear and immediate call-to-action.
As determined in the discovery phase, the homepage needed to include several specific features to achieve a variety of tasks which are satisfied with the redesign:

1. "How Can We Help?"
 The primary point of contact for the law firm is online. A large, friendly call to action - paired with a subtly organic palette and background artwork - help to put the user at ease and provides them with an immediate opportunity to directly contact the law firm, via the contact form or the recommended phone number. In the footer, a contact form remains static so the user can also reach out to the firm from any interior content.

2. Responsive Slider.
Professional custom photos were taken of the entire firm. After reviewing previous site assets (this was a redesign of the previous site) it was clear that new, professional photography was necessary. By nature, family law is an incredibly sensitive field for potential clients. Fine-tuned professional photography from Chris Lake provided the perfect human element to compliment the rest of the site's artwork. The Royal Slider provides a responsive framework and editable animated captions that help provide insight into the firm and their values.

3. Client Accolades.
Client-based websites have long proven the value of conversions through user testimonials. A custom widget was developed to randomly rotate through various client testimonials. Users are invited to read more testimonials from Yelp on the Conniff Law page.

The Practice Areas page uses the Isotope.js script to neatly arrange and filter practice areas based on different categories.Wireframes were created using the Mockingbird app and included six unique page designs in total. 

Custom Photography

As we began to review Conniff's content, it became clear they needed a better way to display their attorneys and overall law firm. I advised them to pursue custom photography from a professional, and we eventually narrowed down the decision to Chris Lake Photography. The photography proved essential in bringing a truly human element to the website, and was used wherever possible. 
The blue and orange colors in the photographs perfectly complimented the blue hues of the new branding. Associate James Keleher, pictured.

Extensive reading material depth required rich typographic styling - especially for lists. 

The various button states for the sub-navigation on interior pages.

Raising the Bar for Law Firm Websites


Raising the Bar for Law Firm Websites

Website redesign and responsive development of a custom Wordpress theme for a Chicago-area law firm.


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