A small collection of illustrations that I have done for recent school projects and personal projects.  All started out as sketches that eventually either finished off on bristol paper, or refined and enhanced in both Illustrator and Photoshop.
An assignment I did for my Introduction to Digital Art's class, where we were required to create an illustration of an animal in its natural setting.
A Political Cartoon for my Illustration class.  The subject I choose to comment on was female reproductivity rights and how the government was 'discussing' them.
Another piece I did for my Illustration class.  The assignment was to come up with a character design and to then place the character in an environment.  I decided to create a being that is in charge of distributing nightmares while people sleep.

Illustration was done on Bristol board with grey markers and india ink.
A personal project inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds."
My submission to my school's "Extreme Pumpkin Makeover Competition."  

Title: "Framed..."