AlFareed Dictionary UI/UX

I present to you my Art =) 
my new App Called Al Fareed Dictionary 
it's Arabic > English and also Arabic > English Dictionary 

BTW Al Fareed means in ِArabic Language Unique so its The Unique Dictionary =)

I focused when I designing and programming this app on these principles
Speed , Beauty and Simple

My App Icon

Home Page :
As Simple as That Just empty page with keyboard appear immediately after app open .

When Searching :
Meaning of word will display immediately without need to click anything ! , That mean it's the fastest dictionary on market , just because of that it will reduce some seconds !
As what you saw , even with everything in one page is still looks wonderful 
if you ask what the text inside color icons it's the type of word 
(none , verb , adjective etc...)

 when I search on Arabic :

When there isn't any match in database 
Favorite Page when it's empty :

The Segment Controller is English for English word and the other segment is for Arabic Word

Favorite Page :
When favorited word :

when Unfavrotied word:

When speech word :

Settings Page :
you can change accent by choose between US and UK 

In-app Purchased popup

Download my app in AppStore :

AlFareed Dictionary UI/UX

AlFareed Dictionary UI/UX

my amazing app ui , design and programming by me

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