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    Portraits - Indecisive Moments
 Melissa Castor Bean, Baltimore Md 10-2012
Brenda and Dermot  Alley, Baltimore Md 11-2012 
After Thanksgiving Discussion of GMOs, Va 11-2012 
Alison and Julie  Dinner, Va 9-2012 
Olivia Linda's Party, Baltimore Md 10-2012 
 Ashley in Gene's Studio 8, Baltimore Md 10-2012
 Alison on I-95, Va 9-2012
 Brian and Heather, North Beach Md 9-2012
Jennifer Morning Paper 1, Baltimore Md 10-2012 
JoJean  New Couch, Southern Pa 8-2012 
 Sad Brian Gallery 788, Baltimore Md 11-2012
 Jennifer on I-95, Va 11-2012
 JoJean Smoke Break, Southern Pa 8-2012
 Jennifer Orange Scarf on Thanksgiving, Va 11-2012
 Melissa and Brian, Baltimore Md 11-2012
 Michael After Lunch at Sasha's. Baltimore Md 11-2012
 David  Marathon Man 10-2012
 Olivia at Home, Baltimore Md 10-2012
 Minas, Baltimore Md 10-2012