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    Dana Skully – PADC Skulls 2017
In 2017, the Perth Advertising and Design Club tasked us with branding and building hype for their annual award show, the PADC Skulls.

The result? Dana Skully, the smart-mouthed talking trophy. Described as an 'inanimate judgementor and benevolent skull overlord', Skully became the face and voice of the awards season, featuring in a dedicated 'pre-judging' website, promotional videos, announcements on the night, and other collateral for the event.

Dana was a hit, and was even nominated for president (for the Club or the United States, we can't be sure) on the PADC Facebook page.
At danaskully.padc.com.au, users could upload any print, video and radio content they were considering entering into the awards show and hear what Dana thought of their work. Dana's judgements could then be shared on Facebook and Twitter.
Some of Skully's best responses included:

Sure, enter. All the awards in the world won’t ease your parents’ disappointment that you never got a real job.

This is visionary. Try telling that to your kids. Maybe they’ll start talking to you again.

I liked it better when the copy was in Latin.

It’s nice how you’re still trying to be relevant.

I bet you put your heart and soul into this. Unfortunately, you’ll never get them back.

I don’t really care. Soon, I won’t just be judging your work – I’ll be doing it. And you’ll be dead. Viva la robot revolution! 101001000101…
Dana also made announcements for the event on the PADC's Facebook in promotional posts and videos.
Dana was everywhere at the event, with wristbands, customisable #skullysays heads, table numbers, and even ping pong ball eyeballs on every table for winners to adorn their own trophies with. People engaged with the collateral with glee, sharing the results on social media.
Attendees channelled their inner Dana with these wristbands
Skully also played MC, giving a series of announcements on the night. 
Skully ushered everyone to their seats with this announcement.
Skully then officially opened the proceedings.
Skully called for everyone to return to their seats for the second half of the night.
Chief Creative Officer: Martin Beecroft
Creative Director: Josh Edge
Creatives: Anneliese Sullivan, Rikki Burns, Luke Williams
Design: Chris Hyland
Digital: John Lombardo, Donna Bebb
Finished Art: Jason Lees
Producer: Sophie Middleton