Random Word Association
Given 5 random words:
Naples yellow
Bill Hicks
Brazil nuts
Create 5 images and use them for book covers.
Rome is a place of secrets, a place of myths,
With busy streets and silent little hideouts;
Where Mother Wolf gave birth to occidental culture and decadence.
Mother Wolf is angry now.
She shows her teeth and howls to get her foolish children's attention,
She sends prophets. Black comedy prophets perhaps.
Similar secrets hide the Amazonian rainforests, but maybe with less stones and more green, nature calling.
A yellow glow stares at everything, omnipresent, lifegiving flame and deadly poison at the same time.
Shows its danger with color and stink.
It will decide if the Wolf's children have the right to live.

-Wolf to represent Rome.
-Violent attitude for Bill Hicks.
-Amazonian tree for Brazil nuts.
-Cave in a tree, for 1729.
-Circle for Naples Yellow.
Antimonate. potentially yellow. potentially poisonus.
Curiosity can kill a dog too if that gets in his nose.
Dogs smell everything, as we watch everything.
This nose close-up makes it look like a monster creature itself, or a plant.
Following weird creatures to Rome, as a romantic city, why not use a "romantic" tune.
Adding to the music, a common sketch by Bill Hicks, where music was first satanic, then was subliminal.

-Pot of antimonate for Naples Yellow.
-Satanic subliminal messages for Bill Hicks.
-Close uf of a nose for Brazil nuts.
-Curiosity attitude, for 1729.
-Bad romance song by Lady Gaga, to represent Rome.
After all we've done in this universe, will someone remember? remember good things or bad things?
Will the ones who remember know what good or bad means?
1729, as an interesting number, is represented by Rodin's sculpture. As we sit down a minute to think, a lifetime has already gone by. Earth consumed by fire. Our lifetime can mean nothing. The Amazonian rainforest can be fungus growing on a little rock.

-1729, is represented by Rodin's Thinker.
-Rome is represented by a roman road.
-Bill Hicks is smoke here, and the cigarette in the Thinker's hand.
-Brazil nut's tree is represented in the illustration at the background.
-Naples yellow, in toxic smoke consuming the tree.
Bill Hicks image; a crow flying free on a black background.
A white crow that brought bad omens for our civilization, and tried to warn u,s now rests in peace.
Now it enjoys truth and the secrets of the universe revealed.

-Bill Hicks as the crow.
-Rome with the Mouth of Truth.
-1729 with Ramanujan handwriting.
-Brazil Nuts with a bird flying free.
-Naples yellow (potter's yellow) as a teapot.
There's a tucan crying on a dead tree, at the words worshiped by humans.

-Brazil nuts represented with a tucan.
-Bill Hicks talks about the news on TV and manipulation.
-Naples yellow is poisoning a tree.
-Ramanujan-hardy number represented with a feather pen.
-Rome as a city, represented with busy text.
Random Word Association

Random Word Association

Creating book covers inspired by random words

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