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    incredible paper-like porcelain sculpture
Capture Fragility
porcelain sculpture
We need to strech and try our bounderies to know where is the border of creating. Streching and trying hard enaugh and you realise there are no limits.
Capture fragility is a porcelain sculpture I made after a a beautiful sheet of quality paper crafted in one of the oldest paper manufactory in the South of France. The paper is circa 1 squaremeter in size and anyone who knows about porcelain would say that is a size of impossible. Well, well ...
My self-developed technique makes it possible to transfer all the beauty and softness of paper into the permanence of porcelain, and there the madness was created, live ever long.
This sculpture is made from the best porcelain of Limoges, circa 80x80 cm and has the avarage thickness of 5 milimater.

The piece captures the familiar feeling of paper but represents a scary state of fragility. It is strong enaugh to carry itself and hang on your wall but at the moment you touch it and realize what it is awearness and carefullness awakes.
The beautiful tiny detailes are alive and saved for ever in the final fire, when the paper burns away and an eternal statement comes to existence.
Porcelain sculpture, 80x80cm  
The project was carried out at Haviland, Limoges, France in 2012.